Francine Navas

General Manager

Since I was Named General Manager of Hotel La Perla 1858, a hotel highly valued by its guest and community. I have brought upon myself to bring personality and charm to this enchanting property. Our goal is to create unique experiences for our guest and erase the idea of not being at home in our hotel. In our property we want you to feel recognized; our staff is up to any task to accommodate your wellbeing. We truly deliver upon our motto of “Genuine Hospitality”

Having had culinary a parkour though Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua with Intercontinental and successful restaurants along the way it was the determination of this team to build something new, unique, and truly genuine to our culture that brought me onboard. Our desire is for our guest to experience the best Nicaragua has to offer and what better way than through your pallet. It is my wish that if there is one meal you will remember during your stay in Nicaragua, it will be with us.

Jordan Teran

Executive Chef
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