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timeless scenery since 1858

Hotel La Perla is part of collection of finest independent luxury hotels in our region. Learn more about our offering !

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Hotel La Perla resides in one of the oldest buildings of the nation, built in 1858. The house was originally built by a wealthy noble man when cotton production was at the center of the cities economy. It is one of the few neo-classic architectures present in the city. Our Hotel counts with 10 rooms in the original house, 5 in the pool patio and 8 in the contemporary annex. Since the building was preserved to keep its original facade room configurations may vary in the same room category. The hotel preserves many original items including maps, paintings, and furniture dated back to the 1800s. Our Grand patio and upper corridors are reserved only for our guest. Parking and Concierge services are available on site.  We invite you to discover Leon from the comfort of our hotel.  


1858 Bistro

A unique “a la carte” experience blending local meats and fresh sea food.  

Wedding Destination

Discover timeless wedding scenery in the Grand Patio. 

Rooms & Suites

Accommodations for travelers adventurers and executives according to your needs.  

Private Parking

24/7 Security


Guest Only facilities


Experienced Staff

Genuine Hospitality

1 to 1 Guest Staff Ratio

Rooms & Suites

Comfort, serenity and natural environment are perfectly combined here, because we care about your well-being.

Bistro 1858

bar & restaurant

50 +

beautiful dishes

30 +

caring staff

We have one of the Best restaurants in town


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